Oasis for Youth opens doors to housing, employment, education and wellness for youth facing homelessness in the suburbs.  Oasis is celebrating 9 years of providing tools for stability and opportunities to thrive through individualized case management, onsite supportive services and connections to housing and community resources. 


Oasis for Youth envisions a day when all youth at risk of homelessness believe in bright futures filled with hope, stability and self-fulfillment.  


Oasis for Youth is built on values. These values are rooted in our organization and the people who connect with them. These values are how we will develop credible relationships. 

We have SIX distinct values that define our culture. They work together congruently, and not one can stand on its merit alone.



Innovation-oriented - Oasis for Youth is innovative, recognizing that young people’s lives are often complicated and the environment can quickly shift, requiring creative responses to address barriers to healthy development. 

Bridge builders - Oasis for Youth leverages its efforts and extends its reach through partnerships and collaborations.

Community leaders - Oasis for Youth is a leading advocate for youth in our communities. 

Youth focused - Oasis for Youth understands that each youth is an individual with unique strengths, challenges, life experiences, and desires for the future. 

Youth development - Oasis for Youth uses youth development best practices in all its work. 

Evidence-based - The work of Oasis for Youth embraces high standards for quality and excellence based upon national research, academic studies and its own metrics achieved through solid evaluation. 



At Oasis for Youth we:

  • are mission-driven.

  • are accessible and responsive.

  • embrace a strength-based approach and use trauma-informed care in our work with youth.

  • believe that youth will be most successful when they are connected to positive supports in their home community.

  • follow best and promising practices in our work.

  • employ a principles-based approach in supporting youth and their goals.

  • operate with transparency and with accountability.

  • respect and honor confidentiality and data privacy.

  • are committed to upholding and supporting our staff and volunteers.

  • believe in the power of community partnerships.

  • are good stewards of our resources.

  • are committed to equal opportunity for all persons without regard to gender, age, race/ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.