2017 Oasis Results

In 2017, Oasis for Youth partnered with 328 young people on their journey. Here are highlights on how Oasis connected youth to basic needs and opportunities to thrive in their community.

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Oasis for Youth made more than 3,000 contacts with young people in the community, ensuring they had immediate basic needs met and information about where to get help.

Our school-based outreach case manager partnered with 47 students in the Bloomington, Edina, Richfield High Schools and alternative programs to keep them connected to school, even if they faced housing instability.


Young people made more than 2,500 visits to our drop-in center to find basic needs like clothes, showers, meals, and toiletries. Oasis case managers guided our young people to address any need or barrier they may have to stability.

Youth accessed the following resources:

1,411 food and snacks         152 rides to food shelves

4,424 bus tokens                  96 loads of laundry

1,247 hygiene items             748 items of clothing

109 showers                         and so much more....


Avoided Homelessness.png


76% of our youth were unstably housed in 2017. Oasis guides youth to find the best housing solution for their unique situation.

87% of young people seeking prevention help avoided a homeless experience.

We helped 26 young people begin the long process of finding subsidized housing. 

25 young people were able to move into stable housing.


Most of our youth are working: 57% were employed in 2017 with 68% having a full-time job.

Oasis stabilizes young employees' lives outside of work so they are able to show up ready to work. Through our partnership with Mall of America, Oasis was able to help 39 young people remain employed for an average of 10.5 months. 20 additional youth were helped during their job hunt.

Retained or Gained a Job.png
I would not have been able to achieve my goals if it wasn’t for Oasis. Oasis has had a huge impact on my life. I have a job, a permit, ID, clothes. I was able to take a shower or just hang out. If it wasn’t for Oasis, I wouldn’t be moving in to my new apartment.
— young person who moved into apartment in January

To everyone who helped make this impact possible, 

thank you.

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