Oasis is not currently accepting applications for its housing program.

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Scattered Site Housing Program

Oasis for Youth’s Scattered Site Housing Program is a self-referral program that provides supports and opportunities for youth ages 18 to 24 to make progress towards self-sufficient living.  Youth who access the Oasis for Youth Scattered Site Housing Program come from across the Twin Cities, but are primarily from our service area of southern Hennepin County. Oasis for Youth accepts pregnant and parenting youth into this program.  Youth who are selected must be able to function independently.  Oasis for Youth does not provide on-site supervision, medical care, mental health care, or medicine administration.

Admission Criteria 

  • Youth are expected to keep drug or alcohol use from affecting their living situation.
  • Youth are required to demonstrate three months of steady employment before program entry. The minimum monthly earned income requirement is $1,000 (pre-tax).
  • Youth are expected to participate in Oasis’ case management services. This involves meeting with their case manager regularly and working together to create and follow an individualized goal plan.
  • Youth will not be admitted if they have a mental health disorder or issue that is not being resolved through counseling or treatment, that impedes their ability to live independently.
  • Youth will not be admitted if they have a violent felony, arson, or sexual assault on their record. 
  • Due to funding, we are not able to provide rental supports to more than one head of household plus one child.

Suburban Host Home 

Oasis for Youth refers youth to the Suburban Host Home Program. This program is for youth who need a supportive family setting in order to thrive. Suburban Host Home recruits, screens, trains and supports suburban community members who are willing to open their homes to young people ages 16-21. Youth have the opportunity to interview and choose a host family with whom to live for up to 18 months.  http://www.avenuesforyouth.org/programs-suburbanhosthome.html

A program manager employed by Avenues for Homeless Youth is responsible for the program. Oasis for Youth provides case management to youth in host homes in our primary service area.. With the assurance of a safe and stable host home, young people will be able to stay in their home community to live, attend school, and work. 

New Host Families are always needed.  If you would like to learn more about opening your home to a youth in need, please contact Suburban Host Homes directly by email ( info@suburbanhosthome.org) or call 612-750-9503 or 612-522-1690 x114, or download the Host Application Packet (http://www.avenuesforyouth.org/files/Host_Application_Packet.pdf.)


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